We are a small company based in Koblenz, Germany. Our goal is to provide you a perfect cable matching your imagination and creativity.

New in the Barn!

Back in Stock!

Black metal housings are back in stock and now also available in silver.

  • Handmade

    We do our craftsmanship with heart.

  • Fast Shipping

    Shipping in the EU is free.

  • Chat with us!

    We always try to help you out as soon as possible. Mostly, within the next hour!

Spioled for choice!

  • The lazy one

    Choose from one of our premade cables. You dont have to dig through a configuration process if you dont want to. Just comfortably choose one of the cables in our shop!

  • The super duper Advanced one

    You are a perfectionist and want to choose every little details of your cable? No Problem. Our custom cable can be configured easier than ever! Take your time. If something is unclear you can always contact us!

  • The "Ahhh, I cant decide" one

    Believe me, you are not the first one. Especially an expensive handmade product should be well chosen! Thats why we try our best to give you the best advise we can. Use our chat on the bottom right or our contact form.