About us

You can lern a little bit about us and our idea down below!

  • Where do we come from?

    Our headquarters are based in Koblenz, Germany.

  • Where did we start?

    What once was an idea in 2019 became a vision and finally a hobby. We now call it our passion to make cables for you and provide an excelent service for everybody.

  • Whats our goal?

    We do not just want to make cables. Many clients come with an almost finished setup and specific imagination to us. Our goal is to match these imaginations and to achieve a perfect result.

    Thats why our customer service is one of the most important aspects of our way of working.

  • Can we achieve this?

    We always try our best to be as fast as possible to answer questions and to be there for you guys!
    Nevertheless, we are a very honest group of people and if something does not go perfect we are eager to be as transparent as possible.
    So yes, we can mostly achieve it but in some cases we are just humans!